Welcome from Missi, Avian Ambassador at Wild Bird Rescue, Inc.

I came to Wild Bird Rescue in the summer of 2009. Some woman found me on the ground and picked me up. Good thing she knew what to do. She took me to Wild Bird Rescue. At the door, a nice lady named Lila, picked me up and took me into a room called the infirmary. After a complete exam, Lila put me in this large box called a carrier. I stayed there for a few weeks while everyone decided what to do with me. Because I had completely lost my left eye, I would not do well if released back into the wild. The Migratory Bird Act of 1918 says I have to be releasable or be euthanized. Lucky for me Wild Bird Rescue decided to keep me around as their first education bird. I like to be called their Avian Ambassador...I think that sounds more important. Don't you? I will be going out to schools in the fall to help with presentations. I wonder if I get to use PowerPoint? I hope you enjoy keeping up with my trials and tribulations while I am learning how to work on the glove.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6, 2011

Today a Bald Eagle was spotted flying over Lake Wichita.  Occasionally Wild Bird Rescue will get a call in the summer mistaking my kind-the Mississippi Kite for a Bald Eagle.  However, Bald Eagles can be found in Texas only during the winter months when Kites are long gone to South America.   Actually Bald Eagles share the same family with me, the Accipitridae family; which also includes hawks, all types of kites, and old-world vultures.  Bald Eagles were placed on the Endangered Species List in 1967 and remained there until 2007 when US Fish and Wildlife Service removed them from the list.  However, Bald Eagles are still protected by the Migratory Species Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.  Okay girls and boys…class is over for today.  Come back tomorrow to learn more about our National Bird, the Bald Eagle!  Phee Phew!

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